In the studio with Casper Brindle

We caught up with Casper Brindle recently settling into the groove of his new studio on Venice Blvd in Culver City.

A fresh group of reductive abstract paintings glowed quietly as they lay on tables in various stages of completion. The transition of colors in any one painting was generally subtle, but nonetheless, dramatic.  

Several were hung on the studio walls where one could get a sense of how the color shifted noticeably when one moved from side to side. 

This effect is heightened by Brindle’s use of high-end auto body paints, saturated with slightly reflective granular flecks. The subsequent resin coating imbues the colors with richness and depth.

Casper Brindle’s work derives, in its own unique way, from a long lineage of LA artists -Robert Irwin, Larry Bell, Billy Al Bengston, and Eric Orr to name a few - captivated by the effects of light and space and what they reveal to us about how we perceive. 

These sea/sky/horizon line compositions evoke a sense of profound wonder about the ever changing ways we perceive light through atmospheric space.  

Several from this new series will be featured in our upcoming group exhibition, “Deep Water”, opening May 18th.