Ed Moses @90 Phase 2, Santa Monica Daily Press, June 30, 2016


Though he’s now in a wheelchair, every day Ed Moses makes more paintings. The William Turner Gallery has just opened Phase 2 of its wide-ranging look at early, mid-career and brand-new works created just in the last three months since Phase 1 of the Moses@90 exhibition opened.

The spirit, the joy, the fun, the patterned, the plaid, the colorful and the bold are all present on these walls. There are big canvases with large ribbon like gestures in black and white with red … he made these with a paint roller, but if you were doing your living room, trust me, you’d never get this effect on your walls.

One assembled piece may be an homage to painting, incorporating multicolored tools, brushes, paint stirrers and spreaders against a black background and amidst drizzled paint lines.

This show, honoring this local living legend, is a testament to his devotion to art and the definition of a spirit that won’t quit.